Structured products investment & Management in a click
A simple tool for complex products
Lynceus Partners created Argo: a cutting-hedge platform to optimize structured products investments. Structured Products are complex investment vehicules and investment managers need to have access to the best tools in order to make the operation efficient and clear in order to deliver the most value added for their clients.
Lynceus Partners: The DNA of the company
Before the trade:
From the Idea to the Right Product
We generate ideas about the products and structures that we believe might perform in the current environment. Moreover,
we provide market analysis of both economic environment and trending products through our weekly market comments
and our newsletters.
During the trade:
Optimization of the Pricing & Issuer
Benefit from Lynceus’ access to more than 20 Issuers and banks to ensure diversification and yield optimization.
After the trade:
After Sales Service & Product Follow-Up
To help our clients we developed a comprehensive
software, Argo, that allows you to have access to all the tools
that you need regarding your investments.
Argo in a few words
You have a one-stop access to follow your investments and the relevant informations that you need. Whether it is the price of a product or the date of your next coupon, everything is there in a user-friendly manner.
About Us
Lynceus Partners is an
independent investment boutique specialized in alternative investments.
Our experienced advisors have an outstanding background in capital markets, real estate, private equity and wealth management. For Private Bankers, Financial Advisors and High-Net-Worth individuals,
we offer support and aid regarding a wide range of financial and non-financial assets.
The story
In Greek Mythology, Lynceus is the Captain of Argo, the boat in which Jason and his crew went for the Golden Fleece.
Lynceus has such good eyes that he could navigate through obstacles in the darkest storms
. Our mission is to provide advice and guidance in the trumoil of financial markets.
Our Values
In the current environment, Lynceus values the transparency all along the process of delivering the best product to our Clients. At all stage of the process, we describe and explain the products to our clients. Understanding the risks and rewards of the investments is the best way to be satisfied.
Adaptation to the needs of the client is key. An efficient service is a service that can fit the fast pace environment of the people we serve. The market conditions can vary and reactivity is the way to successfully take advantage of the best opportunities. Our service is always tailor made in order to fit to the clients evolving needs. Moreover, the use of advanced technology support us in the search of a quick and efficient response.
The client’s interests and ours are always aligned. Our goals are to guide and help. The quality of the service is contigent to the satisfaction of our clients. Being client oriented is mandatory.
"Lynceus's platform made me gain so much time and energy - I strongly recommend."
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