Who We Are
The Company
Lynceus Partners is an independent investment boutique specialised in alternative investments with a deep in-house expertise in Structured Products and Private Debt.

As a global financial company headquartered in Switzerland and international presence over three continents, we serve asset managers, financial advisors, and institutional clients worldwide by providing them with the highest quality of service and support on a wide range of financial and non-financial assets.

As a leading provider of high-tech solutions, we offer an endless universe of tailor-made investment products combined with the latest supporting technologies.
Our Mission
Our outstanding teams are comprised of individuals who specialize in structured investments, capital markets, real estate, private equity, and art & wealth management as well as financial engineers and IT developers.

We strongly believe in the power of Innovation.

ARGO, our digital platform based on proprietary disruptive technology helps our clients identify market opportunities and find balance in a fast-paced financial environment.

Our mission is to generate lasting value for our clients through human expertise, innovative technologies and entrepreneurial spirit.
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Our Values
At Lynceus Partners, we guide our clients throughout the investment process to create a solution that accurately transcribes their market view. We provide detailed descriptions of each strategy and help our clients assess the risk / reward profile of every solution.
Transparency is key to our client’s satisfaction and essential when creating a bespoke investment solution.
The ARGO digital platform is Lynceus Partners’response to a past-paced financial environment. ARGO provides our clients with the tools to turn an investment idea into a readily tradable instrument within minutes.
We brings clarity, responsiveness and connectivity to the world’s financial ecosystem of structured products.
We consistently assist our clients every step of the way by guiding them towards their goals and supporting their ambitions. At Lynceus Partners, we are well equipped to lead our clients in a flawless Investment Journey.
Our ambition is to raise the bar by helping clients to set higher expectations.
Lynceus Partners is a company born in the digital age with a Fintech DNA.
Thanks to our in-house developed technology and Innovative Thinking, our clients benefit from undeniable productivity gains and efficiency throughout the investment process.