Structured Products are outcome-based investment strategies on an underlying that can be a basket of stocks, options, indices, commodities, debt issuance or foreign currencies.

The ARGO platform, developed by Lynceus Partners, enables users to create, monitor, and trade investment solutions tailor-made to their needs, positioning it as one of the most comprehensive platforms for structured products.

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Our team has built ARGO from the ground up to deliver a user interface that seamlessly combines aesthetics and functionality.
ARGO's interface makes it easy to find what you need.
With high speed and responsiveness, you can monitor your products and underlyings efficiently.
Designed based on thousands of users' feedback, ARGO offers a user-friendly platform.

ARGO in numbers

10 bn € in transaction volume
140,000+ Pricing Requests
13,100+ Products monitored through ARGO
30+ Banking Partners
10,000 Investors
1,380,000+ Quotes through ARGO

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The ARGO platform takes care of the entire lifecycle of structured products: monitoring opportunities, quick pricing from our network of banking partners, execution, reporting, and analysis. ARGO was specifically designed as a high-tech platform to complement human expertise and help our clients save time in a fast-paced environment.
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See Everything in One Place
ARGO empowers you with a comprehensive view of your entire investment portfolio. Access all your product information in a single, intuitive dashboard. No more switching between accounts or sifting through scattered data.

Account Management Tailored to You
Create sub-accounts to categorise your investments allowing for more granular control for you to dynamically monitor products and assign targeted investment solutions. Gain instant insights into your overall exposure across underlying assets, currencies, and geographic regions.

Data-Driven Strategies
Leverage real-time metrics to monitor risk and optimise your asset allocation. All the critical details – issuer information, geographical breakdown, sector & currency allocation, and investment performance – are readily available at your fingertips.
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Fast & Reliable Results in Minutes
ARGO's Pricer directly connects with issuer pricing engines, eliminating manual communication and delays. Receive comprehensive pricing comparisons in under 2 minutes, you can simultaneously request pricing from multiple issuers, ensuring you receive the most competitive terms.

Leverage Past Insights
The Historical Pricer provides a comprehensive record for you to easily access past pricing information for creating factsheets or taking necessary actions for informed investment decisions.

Seize Opportunities
Stay ahead of the curve, identify and invest in new opportunities currently available on the market tailored to your needs. View all the latest offerings and capitalise on the most promising opportunities as they emerge.
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Generate Reports in a Click
Eliminate the tedious task of manually compiling reports from multiple sources and streamline your workflow with one-click reporting. ARGO automatically compiles all relevant data into a professional, client-ready document, saving you valuable time.

Seamless Report Creation
White-label product sheets & factsheets effortlessly with customisable reports. ARGO empowers you to tailor documents perfectly according to your client's preferred branding, languages, and currencies.

Flexible Reporting for Valuable Insights
Make data-driven decisions with ARGO’s in-depth portfolio analysis. Analyse at the product or client level, generate new factsheets, or leverage past reports. Our flexible reporting lets you generate reports for all accounts or specific clients to get a clear overview of your product portfolio.
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Automated Alerts & Streamlined Communication
No more manual perusing! ARGO automatically monitors your investments, showing instant highlights for key events and updates specific to your products. Plus, you get to stay on top of your portfolio with real-time notifications delivered directly to your email inbox.

Focus on What Matters to You
ARGO keeps you informed about broader market movements that could impact your portfolio. Receive timely updates equipping you with valuable insights for informed investment decisions. Gain a personalised view of your portfolio by filtering notifications by product, account, or event type.
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Powerful Visibility
See everything in one place.
ARGO provides a centralised dashboard to track all your structured products, including upcoming maturities and detailed product information.

Effortless Tracking & Monitoring
Gain valuable insights with powerful search and filtering tools. Easily locate specific investments and analyse past performance to make informed investment decisions in the future. You can even reprice expired products in a single click for potential reinvestment opportunities.

Cashflow efficiency
Gain complete financial clarity. Effortlessly track cashflows associated with your entire portfolio. ARGO provides comprehensive overviews for a holistic view of your financial movements. Export your data for further analysis and make strategic cashflow management decisions.
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Track Market Trends & Identify Opportunities
Gain real-time insights with a dynamic dashboard displaying daily movers and market trends. This allows you to stay on top of the market and identify potential investment opportunities before they pass you by.

Uncover Expert Trade Ideas
Tap into high-potential trade ideas curated by our industry experts. Leverage our powerful keyword search to find relevant opportunities across sectors or products and unlock insights by analysing past ideas and identifying emerging trends.

Seamless Access & Sharing
Download trade ideas directly to your device, ensuring you have important information at your fingertips. Effortlessly share promising opportunities with colleagues, clients, or your Lynceus Partners representative to craft an investment strategy tailored to your research and needs.

Benefit from an all-rounded service

A tailor-made investment product should match your needs and that’s why our team designs bespoke solutions. We create cross-asset and multi-currency investment strategies to help our clients make sound investment decisions. Our integrated workflows and risk mitigation strategies ensure optimal results.

ARGO users enjoy premium experience

Before the Trade
Turn a market view into an investment strategy.
During the Trade
Optimise your outcome and source the best prices from over 30 banking partners.
After the Trade
Monitor your investments and benefit from a dedicated after-sales service and product follow-up.